Factorial ANOVA

A factorial ANOVA is an Analysis of Variance test with more than one independent variable, or “factor“. It can also refer to more than one

Repeated Measures ANOVA

A repeated measures ANOVA is almost the same as one-way ANOVA, with one main difference: you test related groups, not independent ones. It’s called Repeated


Two Way ANOVA is an extension of the One Way ANOVA. With a One Way, you have one independent variable affecting a dependent variable. With

One way ANOVA

A one way ANOVA is used to compare two means from two independent (unrelated) groups using the F-distribution. The null hypothesis for the test is


What Does “One-Way” or “Two-Way Mean? One-way or two-way refers to the number of independent variables (IVs) in your Analysis of Variance test. One-way has


A hypothesis is an educated guess about something in the world around you. It should be testable, either by experiment or observation. Hypothesis testing in

Lean Metrics

Lean Metrics are a standard set of measures that monitor the performance of processes through visual management techniques and engages employees in the process. The

Lessons from Queue Theory

Queuing system –Network where objects arrive, wait in various queues, receive service at various points, and exit after some time Arrival rate –Long-term number of